Elementary Geometric Solids (Premium Quality)


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This set consists of 16 Elementary Geometric Solids. The three dimensional solids are a more in depth approach to the Geometric solids and are recommended for the 9-12 age group. (The stands are not included). The solids included are:

  1. Square Based Pyramid
  2. Triangular Based Pyramid
  3. Square Based Prism
  4. Sphere
  5. Cylinder
  6. Short Cylinder
  7. Hexagonal Based Prism
  8. Cone
  9. Short Square Based Prism
  10. Rhombic Based Prism
  11. Ovoid
  12. Short Triangular Based Prism
  13. Ellipsoid
  14. Divided Hexagonal Based Prism
  15. Triangular Based Prism
  16. 2 Triangular Based Prisms


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