Grammar Filling Boxes (Premium Quality)


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Please Note: If you want the Traditional colors instead of these please order Product PL23.T or choose the “Traditional Colors” option above.

A set of 36 Color-coded boxes for organizing the grammar cards by exercise. The colors of each exercise box corresponds to each color-coded for Parts of Speech.

The set includes (Parts of Speech/Standard Colors):

  • 4 black boxes with light blue tops (article, noun)
  • 7 dark blue boxes (adjectives)
  • 6 red boxes (verb)
  • 4 green boxes (preposition)
  • 4 orange boxes (adverb)
  • 5 purple boxes (pronoun)
  • 3 pink boxes (conjunction)
  • 3 yellow boxes (interjection)

If you are selecting the traditional colors then follow this list-
The set includes (Traditional Colors):

  • 4 black boxes with tan tops (article, noun)
  • 7 brown boxes (adjectives)
  • 6 red boxes (verb)
  • 4 purple boxes (preposition)
  • 4 pink boxes (adverb)
  • 5 green boxes (pronoun)
  • 3 yellow boxes (conjunction)
  • 3 dark blue boxes (interjection)


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